Exciting Times!

So, you’re starting a business?! You’ve had your killer idea for a new business, you have discussed this with your friends and family and they approve, and you have worked out that this works financially. Now what?

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Once you have developed the idea in your mind, it can be hard to understand what to do next. Sure, you know you have the skills that will delight your customers, but what about all of the other ‘stuff’ that goes with running a business?

What do you need?

If your idea involves selling goods online, then you will need an e-commerce website and email, at a minimum. But even if you are a bricks and mortar business, you will still need an online presence. There are over 4 billion searches on Google every day and, in most people’s minds, a company does not exist if it can’t be found on Google. In addition, if you have a skill you want to show off, having a website with images of your amazing cakes, or brickwork, or gardens, etc, will let people check out your handiwork before they contact you. Potential customers are more likely to contact you if they can see what you do, so having a way of showcasing your skills will give you an edge over the competition.

Additionally, you may need email and a productivity suite so that you are efficient and professional in your communications.  Nothing looks worse that an email from a company that ends in hotmail.co.uk!

Digital Marketing

The options available for marketing your business online are overwhelming, and everyone wants to be ‘number 1 on Google’. While where your website ranks on search engines is important, it is not the only thing you should focus on as there are many ways to market your business online such as:

Using a multichannel strategy will help you reach more people, and mostly for free. Plus, marketing your business across multiple channels will automatically help the search engine ranking if it drives traffic to your website.

We Can Help

Yarranton Limited have packages that can help you get your new business off the ground with a predictable monthly cost.  All of this comes with free advice on what other systems you should consider for your business to succeed. 

£15.60 per month
*Domain Name
Registration on Google and Bing
£22.80 per month
As bronze, plus:
Google G Suite including:
Business email address (Gmail)
Google Apps
Google collaboration tools
£30 per month
As bronze, plus:
MS Office 365 Business Premium, including:
Business email address (Exchange)
Office applications
& More

Prices include VAT.  Website setup additional charge based on complexity

* Domain free for first 12 months

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